Word of Mouth Marketing – Get Inspired!

Posted on September 24, 2007

Let’s crank it up a notch. Today’s topic is marketing. No surprise there, but I want to talk about the hard stuff -  the things they don’t teach you in marketing school or business school. But first you have to accept the following idea and take a hard look at how you are building your business…Struggle only comes from lack.A lack of knowing what to do - and a lack of confidence to do those things.That's ...

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Marketing and Merchandising Mavens Beware! there’s a new kid on the block…

Posted on February 15, 2007

I'd like to introduce you to Marketing and Merchandising Diva, Mandy Mercado.  And, no, that's not a whip in her hand. By day, she's an average online merchandising pro but with a "click" of her mouse and implementation of the Mercado software platform she magically transforms into a sexy, sleek, superdiva - able to add cross-sell items with a single keyboard stroke, able to set up promotions with a mouse click...she...

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Social Media Generated Traffic From Buzzfeed

Posted on January 24, 2007

The TrulyTwistedMarketing traffic stats are off the hook. Somehow, (as a marketer, I'd dearly love to take full credit for this but can't) a little post I created got picked up by Buzzfeed. Check the number two article. Yep, that one right below Techcrunch. ;) (okay, when I first posted this the article WAS in the #2 spot. Now, it seems, we are located in the #1 spot and Techcrunch is waaaaaay down at #7) That wee little ...

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Social Networking Television? Joost it up Baby!

Posted on January 22, 2007

I am literally drooling with anticipation over Joost."What's so special about it?" You might ask. "What the heck is it, anyway? A new energy drink?"Even better. Joost is a functioning real-time social network. You can watch a show, rate it, share it and chat with friends using its IM platform. How cool is that?The best part? It's free.Out of the box users can participate in a community chat that will, in ...

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Marketing With Social Media

Posted on January 8, 2007

I get asked a lot about social media and what that means. Very often I find myself in the predicament of trying to explain something that a person has no frame of reference for. Social media is still a new phenomena and using it to market goods and services is a pretty new concept.To clarify how to use social media in your marketing mix, I’ve scoured the web and come up with a list of places where you can submit your articles to generate ...

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Tag, You Are It!

Posted on December 22, 2006

So, last week I was “tagged” (or I received a “meme” as bloggers sometimes call it) and totally missed it. Most likely, I was out holiday shopping but I can’t remember what happened yesterday, much less last week, to give you any kind of detailed explanation as to why I missed it. Just suffice it to say, I’m relatively sure I had a pretty good reason for missing the tag. So, today, I’m making up for lost ...

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Un-happy, Over-Stressed and Under Tanned?

Posted on December 13, 2006

You might need a Bahamavention. I sure as heck do.If you exhibit any of the following characteristics then you are a prime candidate for a Bahamavention.OverworkedStressedIn dire need of a mind altering escape from everyday lifeClick here - Just launched, this national campaign is causing quite a stir. When you pick yourself back up off the floor, let me know what you think!  

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Paying Bloggers to Create Buzz Is it Legit?

Posted on December 11, 2006

 I literally stumbled across this idea a while back and I’m curious about the buzz effect it actually has for advertisers and if, when incorporated into a word of mouth marketing campaign, it really works.The idea is to connect customers to advertisers and build traffic to the advertiser’s site. So, in effect, if you wanted to drive customers to your storefront you would select from a pool of well-respected bloggers who post ...

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Sizzling New Market Trends for 2007

Posted on December 4, 2006

 1. Community of CustomersSocialization is big. Looking at your customers as a community of individuals with whom you are having a conversation is what today’s personalized marketing is all about. Taking this trend to the next level are technologies like Bazaarvoice and PowerReviews who are actually seeking to exponentially increase the conversation in your community of customers through reviews and honest information exchanged about ...

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Social Networking Evolution – Do You Zemble?

Posted on November 21, 2006

I want to take just a minute and point out a brand spankin' new shiny social spot on the web - Zemble.If you are into text messaging and have a group of, say, 3 or more friends you text regularly then Zemble might be your dream come true.It's a new social site due to launch sometime next week where members can send out a single text message via their cell phones to everyone in their zemble group. The creators of ...

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