SEO is Like Fishing for a Really Big Fish!

Posted on September 9, 2008

You know the routine…you are casting out and reeling in your line and you know if you wait long enough you are going to catch SOMETHING.

But only if you don't give up.

And like fishing, with SEO you are never 100% sure what that SOMETHING you catch is going to be.

There simply are no guarantees.



I mean, you might be fishing for trout in a lake or river but wind up catching a catfish.  And if you've ever tasted either one of these you know…they just aren't quite the same. You caught a fish (which is good) but it's not the EXACT fish you set out to catch.

Here's the good part. You caught SOMETHING. Because, let's face it, it could have been a slow day or the fish just weren't biting and you could've gone home with NOTHING. SOMETHING is always better than NOTHING in the fishy and often murky waters of SEO.

Why? Because you can build on the SOMETHING that you caught. You can take a rank for a search phrase that you rank well for and parlay it into ranking for the search phrase you want. To use my fishing example…you HAVE your catfish now let's change the bait a little and see if we can get that trout. :-) 

Here's an example of a real work in progress.

The truly fabulous site BestEcoStuff ranks for the search phrase "best eco products" at number 3 which isn't bad. Click here to see it ranking in Google and look at number 3 spot. This phrase is not a phrase I planned on. In fact, I'd rather it rank for  "eco products" whch from a search and search competition perspective is a whole different fish…a much bigger fish. And, I'd a like a rank at number 1, not number 3. However, I'm not knocking that phrase…oh no, I'll keep it and raise it up to that number one spot (if the universe is on my side and the fish are biting) and then take that lesson and look at how I can garner the same spot but for the very sought after "eco products."

Sounds simple, right? It is.

BUT and it's a big but…you have to remember are no guarantees in the "fishy and often murky waters of SEO." So, in your SEO mix you do need to include some targeted ppc (pay per click) or ad placement for the places where you are lacking a good organic search. It's a patch for the "no guarantees" problem that will keep you running until you get what you want out of your organic search marketing campaign.

Ok so if any of this didn't make sense, call us, email us, or comment below. We are always happy to hear from you and to help out!

In the meantime, here are a couple of good SEO resources.

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