Ten Tips to Boost Your Bottom Line and Make Your Marketing Personal

Posted on April 9, 2009

Marketing isn't just about creating that new ad or making a web site or a brochure to hand it…really good marketing consists of being aware of the many ways you actually reach out and touch a customer.

And, the hands-down best marketing is a simple concept that I talk about all the time…it is personal. It can be felt.

The thing is that when you take the time and energy to really think about the different ways you actually touch your customers and make those as personal as possible, they will remember you. They will recommend you to their friends, family, co-workers. And THAT viral word of mouth marketing is exactly what you want.

Ever heard of the Nametag Guy?

Stick with me, this is word of mouth marketing, right here, right now…I'm about to tell you why this guy is so cool – in essence I'm helping him further his brand, build his credibility which could ultimately boost his bottom line and the coolest thing (for him) is that I'm doing the work for him, for free. Now, understand, I'm not doing this because I think he needs help, not because I know him, not for any reason OTHER than he had an understanding of how to touch a potential customer in a way that is personal and can keep them talking about his business.

Isn't that what YOU want for YOUR business?

Ok, here are ten tips to remember (this is his philosophy for what he calls "approachable service")…

  1. People buy people
  2. Friendly always wins
  3. Make the mundane memorable
  4. Be unique, not different
  5. Interaction, not interruption (In other words, INTERACT with your customers, don't make them feel they are INTERRUPTING you)
  6. Be That Guy (or That Girl)
  7. You want FANS not customers
  8. Don't sell; allow people to buy
  9. Consistency is far better than rare moments of greatness
  10. If you don't make a name for yourself, someone will make one for you

There you have it. Not so complex, really. Just a simple shifting of perceptions and how you interact with your customers.

But if you do all these things your marketing will become more personal and you will, in the minds of your customers, be more approachable. Then the snowball effect will kick in. Your potential customers will remember you for your approachability and personal touch and if you've done your job really well, they will pass on how truly fabulous you, your service, your product is to their friends, family and co-workers.

2 Replies to "Ten Tips to Boost Your Bottom Line and Make Your Marketing Personal"

  • karl
    April 10, 2009 (9:07 pm)

    Nametag Guy? Funny…does he sells nametag?

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  • amman
    October 29, 2009 (9:45 pm)

    I like your style. My favorite is – Don’t sell; allow people to buy. What exactly is Nametag Guy? I went to the website but just didn’t get it.

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